Black and White Cat Magnets

Black and White Cat Magnet Sets

These are my favorite cat magnets. I love how sassy and clever they look.

I have 14 of this type of stylized cat magnets. These three sets show one of each of my Black and White Cat Magnets.

I love all these cats, but my very favorite is the Daddy Cat. He in set #1 (top) on the left. I call him a Daddy Cat because he is holding his kitten high on his tail, much like a two-footed dad does with his young kids.

National Hot Dog Day!

National Hot Dog Day!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 is National Hot Dog Day! It is celebrated annually on the 3rd Wednesday in July. Here are some great Hot Dog deals nationwide.

Since these are franchises, sometimes not every location will be celebrating. It's up to the individual owners. You might want to call ahead or check them out on Facebook to see if they are celebrating!

To find more Hot Dog deals in your area search #NationalHotDogDay on Facebook.

Sonic Drive-in: Their All American Hot Dogs for $1.00 all day!

Magnets: Stylized Cats in Black and White

Stylized Cats in Black and White


These are all the styles of the Stylized cat magnets that I offer in my shop. My favorites are the Daddy Cat and the Stretching Cat.

I call him a Daddy Cat since, much like people Dads with the kids on their shoulder, Daddy Cat is putting his kitten high on his tail. 

The Cat Tree is a very interesting picture since at first glance you don't expect it to be a tree full of cats.

First Caturday Celebrated at The Lemon Daisy


Caturday at The Lemon Daisy


This is Frank, my business cat, sitting at his desk. Yes, this is his desk. He thought he should have his own. Apparently, he doesn't feel I share mine appropriately. I confess, it's true. I find it hard to type with a cat on my keyboard. 

New Cat Keychains at The Lemon Daisy

New Cat Keychains at The Lemon Daisy

I need a new keychain. I'm always disappointed shopping. I love bright and colorful keychains since that is the only way I can find my keys. I also need them to be a little large so that they don't get lost. The little black cat peeking over the edge is small, so it didn't work well for me, but I couldn't resist how cute she looked!

These a few I made weeks ago. I'd love to hear any feedback. I hope you come by and check it out.

Cute Push Pins

Lately I've started putting together cute push pins for my bulletin board at work. I started with them when I accidentally got resin items too small for my magnets. I noticed they fit perfectly on the top of a push pin.

I'm experimenting with different types of thumb tacks. I never noticed how much variety there are in thumb tacks until I began comparing them. Some are very sturdy but have a short stem or body. It seems the shorter body makes it stronger. 

My Idea Board

My idea board for The Lemon Daisy is my magnetic white board. I put all my magnets here first and I'll look at throughout the week to determine how I'm going to group my magnet sets.

It would be easy to have all one type, but I find it boring and I'm sure a lot of other people do, too. I try to make the sets interesting and appealing with a theme. 


I started selling glass marble magnets on Etsy in 2014. Having papers flying off my fridge in a light breeze frustrated me.  I searched for strong magnets at the regular stores, they were all weak. I found neodymium disks, which were perfect, except they are extremely difficult to get off the fridge without something to grip.

Each magnet can easily hold 10 papers on the fridge.


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