About Us

The Lemon Daisy

This is Frank, my silent partner. He loves to help in my shop. While he does like to sort marbles, they generally end up skittering across the floor. 

Frank helping me sort marbles

Regular store magnets frustrated the heck out of me! A breeze through the kitchen window would send off a shower of magnets and papers. At work, someone walking by or accidentally leaning on the metal door would send my decorations flying with me scrambling to pick up the little black disks. Besides, it would take 3 to hold the paper.

I use rare earth neodymium magnets on every item I sell. They are Nickel-Copper-Nickel triple layer coated for neodymium magnets durability. 

The glass marble, cabochon and resin figures use the round magnet 1/2" x 1/8". The magnets are Grade N42 which are high quality, strong magnets. Magnet strength is related to size and an 8th of an inch makes for a good strong magnet. These magnets have 6.6 pounds of force. I chose this size specifically because they need a tug to pull off a metal surface, but not so strong they are too difficult to remove. 


My clothespins use a smaller, yet strong, rare earth neodymium magnet. They are Grade N45 Rare Earth Magnets 1/2 in x 1/4 in x 1/16 and are rectangular. These have 3.5 pounds of force. They are still strong and won't fly off the surface, but it doesn't take as big of a tug to pull them off.

These are NOT toys for children. Just a reminder that magnets are very dangerous if swallowed and can result in serious harm. These are NOT toys and should not be given to children. These are very strong magnets. They are not to be used as toys.

I hope you are as happy with using my magnets as I have been making them. Thanks for visiting my store.